The Wool Man

‘The Wool Shed, Jamieson and Smith Woolbrokers, Lerwick, Shetland. These are the hands of the managing director, Oliver Henry, or as he is more commonly known – The Wool Man. Oliver’s talks about sorting and grading fleece are one of the highlights of Shetland Wool Week.’ – Jeni Reid

Cat heaven

‘Cat heaven. If you ever want to make a cat happy, just leave some fleece or knitting sitting out.’ – Jeni Reid

My chilly legs modelling leg warmers

‘My chilly legs modelling leg warmers. The blue is Aran yarn, possibly Rowan Magpie and the stripes are handspun BFL which was dyed with little packets of Kool Aid. They smelled marvellous.’ – Jeni Reid

Shetland Ewes from Yell

‘Shetland ewes from Yell. Taken at the National Association of North Atlantic Sheep and Wool Conference in 2013. Lovely wise faces.’ – Jeni Reid

Hap Shawl Landscape

‘This was taken at dusk near Voe, Shetland. It’s the veiw from Colin Johnston’s farm and I was struck by the shoreline. It looks just like the edges of a Hap Shawl. Maybe I’ve spent too much time staring at knitting!’ – Jeni Reid And for comparison, an actual hap shawl blocking in the Shetland… Continue Reading Hap Shawl Landscape

Combing fibre in the back garden

‘Combing fibre in the back garden. These are Louet mini combs and as they are my only combs they have to work very hard indeed. The fibre, I think, is a Texel X from Strathearn Fleece and Fibre in Perthshire. It makes great jumper yarn. Dutch knitters used to make Ganseys from Texel yarn, it… Continue Reading Combing fibre in the back garden

Sockhead hat

‘This is my Sockhead hat, you can find the pattern for free on Ravelry, I highly recommend it. I love the pea green yarn which was a gift from a Swedish friend.’ – Jeni Reid

Fruitcake from Felix

One key aim for the KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook by TEAM WOVEMBER Member, Felicity Ford AKA Felix, was to find a way of upping the wool-content of fruitcake. A 100% wool stranded colourwork swatch worked in Shetland Wool was the result of many months of baking cakes and then knitting them, and the fruits of… Continue Reading Fruitcake from Felix