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The Wool Clip - a modern day community of shepherds and agriculturists, proprietors, for the most part, of the lands which they occupy and cultivate

Wovember Words: Wordsworth on WOOL

Texel sheep on Orkney

My Wovember Sweater

100% WOOL wristwarmers, inspired by "The Wonders of Electricity" and perfect for experiments with iron filings + magnets

Wovember Words: WOOL and electricity

Queen Elizabeth and Sara Dunham on the grass together, both wearing Elizabeth's wool - and both looking up!


a nice fleece

Soft Fell sheep and their fleece #3 : logistics and finances


Broadening Horizons


It all circles back to the sheep…

Feeding at Bruntland

Chris Dyer: crofting aspirations

"You under all that hay, baby?"  Final Frontier Farm, Paris, Kentucky.

Lamb camp

Wovember Words: Man’s best friend


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