Diane Falck’s last thoughts on WOVEMBER…

This last post comes from Diane Falck, who has been with us throughout WOVEMBER… whose Ouessant sheeps’ wool we have seen Growing; Harvested; Flick-combed (Processed); Hand-spun and hand-knitted (Worked-with); …and Worn. Diane’s beautiful posts about working with her Ouessant wool convey a deep sense of connectedness – the very title ‘Spinning Shepherd’ suggests a real… Continue Reading Diane Falck’s last thoughts on WOVEMBER…

WOVEMBER WORDS #29 – Parting Words

Alas, the last Wovember Words for Wovember2012. Wovember hopes you enjoyed reading all the snippets on growing, harvesting, processing, working with, and wearing wool as much as we had gathering them for you – and that it has peaked your interest enough to go and find one or two of these books for yourself to… Continue Reading WOVEMBER WORDS #29 – Parting Words

Wearing Wool… The House & Garden Special!

Wool is absolutely essential to life, kind of like milk. We begin with this quote and image from Audrey Nicklin, submitted last year to our photo competition, because researching this bit of WOVEMBER has revealed so many diverse ways that WOOL can enhance life when used to ‘clothe’ the house and the garden! Today we… Continue Reading Wearing Wool… The House & Garden Special!

On Working with Wool & Wood

Following on from Cecilia’s accounts of creating her handspun yarn using locally made tools and locally grown materials, we thought you might enjoy this post, previously published on The Domestic Soundscape blog, which celebrates some of the wooden tools employed by hand-spinners, and the wood workers who make them. If you like this story, you… Continue Reading On Working with Wool & Wood