The Tour of British Fleece

As Wovember 2015 is drawing to a close we are very pleased to bring you a post from Elaine Hill, Fiona Curtis and Sally Antill, who organised and took part in the very first  Tour of British Fleece, this year.  The conceptual idea for Tour of British Fleece was a seed waiting for the right moment… Continue Reading The Tour of British Fleece

Wovember Words: KnitLocal

Today’s WOVEMBER WORDS post was written by one of our long term WOVEMBER supporters, Nadine Haarich, who writes about her own discovery of local wool. Nadine lives in Germany and was inspired to explore her local breeds for knitting her Shetland Wool Week Baa-ble hat. She has extended this adventure by swatching wool from breeds… Continue Reading Wovember Words: KnitLocal

Wovember Words: Huff

Fellow TEAM WOVEMBER member Louise Scollay has insisted that for one of the posts I share the words to the Shetland Wool Week Song. I wrote this song for Shetland Wool Week 2013, and it is an unapologetic celebration of beautiful Shetland Wool. In one of the verses I talk about “huffing the wool fumes”;… Continue Reading Wovember Words: Huff

Friday Night Vi-EWE-ing with WOVEMBER!

It is Friday night, folks, and we thought we would share some extraordinary archival footage detailing the complex relationship between WOOL and PETROL. These films are both from the 1950s and were found in the amazing Prelinger Archives. They are each very interesting when viewed from a certain critical perspective. The first film is called… Continue Reading Friday Night Vi-EWE-ing with WOVEMBER!

Knitting British

I often get asked why I only buy wool from the UK, what it means to me Knit British and what I mean by ‘British’. If I had a mission statement it would go something like this…. For the past few years I have only bought and knitted with wool which has been reared, spun… Continue Reading Knitting British

The WOVEMBER WAL Showcase!

This is it, folks, the last post of WOVEMBER 2013! Don’t worry though, as usual there will be a few afterwords… we still need to identify the winners of the WAL and of the photo competition! In the meantime, as promised, here are some of the BEAUTIFUL things people have been doing with WOOL during… Continue Reading The WOVEMBER WAL Showcase!

Layter – a celebration of sheep and wool

This post originally appeared on the Kate Davies Designs blog on the 1st of WOVEMBER 2013, and is republished here in celebration of sheep and wool! In case you hadn’t noticed, today is the first of WOVEMBER! I thought I’d begin the month by showing you a garment that, like no other I can think… Continue Reading Layter – a celebration of sheep and wool

Deb Robson on Working with Wool…

Deb Robson has already shared some of her wonderful sheep photos with us here, as well as her thoughts on ‘Processing Wool‘ and ‘Harvesting Wool…‘. What is lovely about so many of our fantastic WOVEMBER contributors, is the hand they have in all stages of WOOL’s life… from it’s growth on the back of a… Continue Reading Deb Robson on Working with Wool…

Kate Davies on Working with Wool…

Continuing with today’s theme of ‘Working with WOOL’ for creative design work, TEAM WOVEMBER member Kate Davies has taken a momentary pause from SNAWHEID excitement and work on ‘Colours of Shetland‘ to answer a Q&A with Felicity Ford. Kate has been slightly less involved with WOVEMBER this year than last because of all the work… Continue Reading Kate Davies on Working with Wool…

Kate Woolwinding on Working with Wool…

Today’s WOVEMBER posts are all personal accounts from far and wide, from people who work with wool. This morning, we shall revisit the Welsh mountains where Kate Woolwinding lives, to learn about how some local Black Welsh Mountain sheep are inspiring her own work with wool… October 27, 2012 I love working with fleece. It’s… Continue Reading Kate Woolwinding on Working with Wool…