Wovember Photo Competition 2014


It is time to meet our wonderful sponsors for the Photo Competition and share with you their exciting and exceedingly woolly prizes.


Blacker Yarns is the home of 100% pure, natural, British yarns, products and patterns and have generously dontated TWO wondrously woolly prizes.

Prize one: Eight balls of Pure Teeswater DK wool in four different coloured shades.



Prize two: Eight balls of Pure Blue Faced Leicester laceweight in four different coloured shades.



Jamieson and Smith purchase Shetland wool from  over 700 of Shetland’s crofters and farmers, and transform it into high-quality Shetland wool products including yarns, knitwear, blankets and carpets. Our lovely friends there are offering a prize of a Gift Voucher to spend on any yarn, knitwear, kits, cushions, rugs or patterns that fuel your woolly inspirations.


Designer Aurélie Colas got in touch early in WOVEMBER to offer two wonderful prizes from her collection. Castle Fraser throughout the year is a collection of accessories, inspired by one of the grandest Scottish baronial tower house, its architecture, decoration and history. Currently there are three patterns which have been released and by it’s completion next year there will be 6 designs all together.

Balustrades & slates hats, Windows and Balustrades socks, Wood engraving mittens. Image used with kind permission. © Aurelie Colas

Balustrades & slates hats, Windows and Balustrades socks, Wood engraving mittens. Image used with kind permission. © Aurelie Colas

If that wasn’t generous enough, Aurélie has also donated her Sheepy Draughts pattern. This is a delightful way to play the game we all know and love…and watch out…there may be a wolf among the flock!

sheepy draughts


We asked you to enter pictures – via instagram – that expressed what 100% wool means to you and we have been bowled over by your entries. We are currently deliberating over the five winners and shall announce them soon!

Many thanks to our extraordinarily generous sponsors for the WOVEMBER Photo Competition 2014.

The techie stuff

This year we are running the Wovember Photo Competition via instagram. This is a smartphone app which enables you to upload photos with captions and hashtags and you can use it with your phone camera. Howeveryou may also email photos from your pc or mac to your phone and then upload your saved photos via instagram if you prefer to do that! If you don’t have a smartphone you can download a programme called gramblr which will enable you to upload photos to instagram from your desktop.

How to enter

To enter a photo in the competition simply upload it to instagram adding the hashtag #Wovember2014 and the caption that you would like to appear alongside it. We will then search for the photos with that hashtag and display them here.

100% WOOL

Images entered in the Wovember 2014 Photo Competition should express what 100% WOOL means to you. There are no hard and fast rules, but the sheep content should be high and the images should be WOOLLY! Here is how the images will display in the gallery once you have uploaded them and we have added them to the site:

From the land comes the wool, @knitsonik

From the land comes the wool. #Wovember2014

A photo posted by Felicity Ford (@knitsonik) on

One thought on “Wovember Photo Competition 2014

  1. Love the sheepy draughts board but aren’t there too many squares (64 on the real thing) Perhaps you couldn’t stop? It IS lovely

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