Wovember Photo Competition 2014

The techie stuff

This year we are running the Wovember Photo Competition via instagram. This is a smartphone app which enables you to upload photos with captions and hashtags and you can use it with your phone camera. Howeveryou may also email photos from your pc or mac to your phone and then upload your saved photos via instagram if you prefer to do that! If you don’t have a smartphone you can download a programme called gramblr which will enable you to upload photos to instagram from your desktop.

How to enter

To enter a photo in the competition simply upload it to instagram adding the hashtag #Wovember2014 and the caption that you would like to appear alongside it. We will then search for the photos with that hashtag and display them here.

100% WOOL

Images entered in the Wovember 2014 Photo Competition should express what 100% WOOL means to you. There are no hard and fast rules, but the sheep content should be high and the images should be WOOLLY! Here is how the images will display in the gallery once you have uploaded them and we have added them to the site:

From the land comes the wool, @knitsonik

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