One more beautiful guest post from Sara Dunham reflecting on a special member of her flock. I buried an old friend yesterday, a Jacob ewe who was at least 16, if not older. Elizabeth. Or as she was called for the last couple of years, Queen Elizabeth. I’m not sure about large flocks, but in… Continue Reading Elizabeth

Wovember Words: Shetland Wool Pinafore Dress

Our finely honed appreciation for wool can bring such joy, especially when we can create something from fleece to finish. Sarah Howard wrote to WOVEMBER to tell us about her own favourite high wool content item. I love spinning Shetland fleece and every year I head for the fleece sales at Woolfest to choose another one,… Continue Reading Wovember Words: Shetland Wool Pinafore Dress

Pure Wool for Socks (no nylon here folks)

During WOVEMBER we have already had a little look at which wool yarns are best suited to certain projects. Interested in finding out if there are pure wools which are best suited to socks Louise tasked designer, and author of Sock Anatomy, Clare Devine in finding out. Happily, Clare jumped at the chance to investigate…… Continue Reading Pure Wool for Socks (no nylon here folks)

It all circles back to the sheep…

Another bonus post here from Sara Dunham, this time focusing on the wondrous journey that real WOOL makes in its journey from sheep to textiles. It all circles back to the sheep I was set up in the livestock area at the 2013 Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival. The shearers were running ongoing demonstrations across… Continue Reading It all circles back to the sheep…

Merino in bright colours

‘When I first learned to spin all I bought was merino fibre dyed in bright colours. I’ve been trying to use it up ever since.’ – Jeni Reid

Designing a Yarn, Part 4

Sue Blacker joins WOVEMBER again for the conclusion of her 4-part series on designing yarns from a wool mill’s perspective; if you didn’t catch parts 1, 2 and 3, you can find them here, here, and here. There are some interesting points in this article about blending wool with other fibres such as silk and… Continue Reading Designing a Yarn, Part 4

Wovember Words: Click go the shears

Team WOVEMBER’s Louise cannot resist a woolly song or poem. I was searching for a song for your Sunday listening pleasure and I found Click Go The Shears, an Australian folk song from the turn of the 19th Century. This is a totally new one on me, but may be familiar to some of you.… Continue Reading Wovember Words: Click go the shears

The Daily Bleat

As well as here you can find Team WOVEMBER on Facebook and Twitter and on Ravelry. Louise looks at how the world of wool operates in social media and introduces us to some of her favourite Tweeters! Who can remember the times before social media? Although find it odd that things like cassette tapes and dial… Continue Reading The Daily Bleat

One day it will be a jumper

‘Yarn spun from a silver-grey shetland fleece that I bought from Shetland Organics in 2013. Three ply and worsted spun. One day it will be a jumper.’ – Jeni Reid This traceable woolen yarn and its prospective future are reminiscent of this label…