Continuing our activism theme, today we share some words from the onechange.life website established as the next stage of the One Hut Full project – founded by one of our contributors earlier in the month, Paula Wolton. This initiative asks all of us, as consumers, to make one change in our buying habits just once… Continue Reading WOOLNESS WORDS: #ONECHANGE

Woolness & Activism

Greetings and welcome to this week of Wovember. We felt our woolness theme this year would not be complete without a section on activism. From its inexorable relationship with sustainability and land management, to its connections with forms of domestic labour and its ability to heal and inspire, wool feels – and is – inherently… Continue Reading Woolness & Activism

WOOLNESS WORDS: Sweaters that Talk Back

Today’s Woolness Words post features the fantastic introduction from Lisa Anne Auerbach’s highly recommended book, Charted Patterns for SWEATERS THAT TALK BACK. Lisa Anne Auerbach is known for translating bold political statements into fantastically critical and opinionated knitwear. She recasts the simple sweater as a canvas for activism and ideology. We thought this paragraph offers… Continue Reading WOOLNESS WORDS: Sweaters that Talk Back

WOOLNESS & ME: Wool to aid negative thoughts and feelings

Mariette, a friend of Wovember from Rotterdam, has written today’s post about how particular wool and wool textures are part of her therapy ‘tool kit’. Through a childhood in difficult circumstances I grew up learning not to listen to my own feelings. In the end I did not even know they were there. After several… Continue Reading WOOLNESS & ME: Wool to aid negative thoughts and feelings