WOOLNESS WORDS: #knittedknickers

Today’s Woolness Words post was written by Paula Wolton who is here to talk about ‘woolness’ in the context of pants, knitted knickers, and also lower back pain. A friend is a sports therapist dealing mainly with dancers and dance related injuries. She is sent many papers on the latest discoveries and cures for debilitating… Continue Reading WOOLNESS WORDS: #knittedknickers

The Glastonbury of Wool

Emma Ross is here today with her first post that focuses on wool, wellness and the individual. Craft can be a solitary pursuit, but it is also a very communal one too. Many of us can struggle taking ourselves from the periphery of our own knitting to large events and shows.  You have followed the… Continue Reading The Glastonbury of Wool

WOOLNESS & ME: Through grief

Today’s Woolness & Me post was written by Desiree Goodall, who writes about ‘woolness’ in the context of moving through grief and loss; of using wool and needles like a life raft. I was unexpectedly widowed at the age of 30 and found myself inexplicably drawn to knitting – something I hadn’t done for a… Continue Reading WOOLNESS & ME: Through grief